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DIRECTV Arabic Programming

ArabicDirect™ Service: $25.99/mo
Five Channels of the Best Arabic Programming:
Rotana Cinema Rotana Cinema is the largest and richest Arabic movie library in the world, this channel brings you premium production films ranging from golden oldies to the latest blockbusters that have never been broadcast on TV.
Rotana Zaman Rotana Zaman features classic Arabic TV movies, digitally restored to the best quality available.
Rotana Moossika Rotana Moossika features music news, 24-hour videos and a variety of entertainment related to music.
Orbit Al-Yawm Orbit Al-Yawm offers a selection of social, informative, educational and cultural programs for the whole family.
Orbit Seen (the Series Channel) Orbit Seen (the Series Channel) is a 24-hour Arabic theme channel featuring the best TV series from all of the Middle East.


DIRECTV Caribbean Programming

HYPE TV: $9.99/mo.

HYPE TV Get connected to Caribbean culture with HYPE TV.

HYPE TV is the number one television choice for young people with a passion for all things Caribbean. Based in Kingston, Jamaica, HYPE TV delivers culturally-relevant music and entertainment that appeals to people with ties to the Caribbean nations, as well as music aficionados and culture-seekers from around the globe. HYPE TV reflects the energy and imagination of one of the most exhilarating parts of the world.

Chinese Channels on DIRECTV

Choose from 2 different packages offering programming in Mandarin and Cantonese from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

JADEWORLD (5-channels): $36.99/mo

Exclusively from DIRECTV, Jadeworld delivers the very best Chinese-language programming in both Mandarin and Cantonese, including dramatic series, music, variety, movies and entertainment, plus daily news from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.


The Jade Channel East caters to the specific viewing habits of East Coast viewers. Features the most updated Hong Kong daily news, popular TVB dramas, entertainment and variety shows, cartoons and news/travel magazines.

The Jade Channel West caters to the specific viewing habits of West Coast viewers. Features the most updated Hong Kong daily news, popular TVB dramas, entertainment and variety shows, cartoons and news/travel magazines.

TVBS is broadcast live from Taiwan. In addition to in-depth news coverage throughout the day, TVBS also features popular talk shows such as Speaking Your Mind 2100 and News Night Club, variety shows, dramas and travelogues.

The Chinese Movie Channel offers the most popular blockbuster hits featuring your favorite movie stars. From action thrillers, comedies and dramas to kung-fu films, The Chinese Movie Channel has it all.

CCTV-4 features programs that reflect China's history, culture, economics, politics and people. CCTV-4 brings you closer to China.

To receive Jadeworld programming, you must have a DIRECTV Multi-Satellite System.


MandarinDirect II Service (4 channels): $15.99/mo

Broadcast in Mandarin, this service brings the news, variety and family shows of Beijing, Taipei, and Shanghai straight to your living room with three channels of premier Mandarin entertainment.

Phoenix North American Chinese Channel features up-to-the-minute news, current affairs, financial market updates, variety shows, and dramas from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Programs include Good Morning China, City Complex, Trendy Guide, Perfect Match and more.

Phoenix InfoNews is the first foreign satellite channel delivering independent financial news and current affairs in Mandarin Chinese 24/7. See worldwide financial reports, live coverage of critical events and relevant commentaries on timely and compelling topics.

MTV Chi is named for "chi," the Mandarin word for "inner energy." This delivers the freshest music videos to come from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, plus complete coverage of Chinese pop culture.

CTI Zhong Tian features up-to-the minute news programs and features, financial information, and a variety of entertaining programs.

Filipino Channels on DIRECTV


FilipinoDirect™ service features the following channel in addition to all the channels available with TFCDirect™:

gma pinoy GMA Pinoy provides top-rated Philippine Television for Filipino families in the US. This 24/7 general entertainment channel is currently the number one station in the Philippines.



TFCDirect™ service features six diverse and entertaining channels:

The Filipino Channel The Filipino Channel boasts top-rated programming for the entire family, including live news, dramas, comedies, children's shows, talk shows, hit movies and more.

ABS-CBN News Channel ABS-CBN News Channel provides round-the-clock, up-to-the-minute news from the Philippines, including business reports and informed discussions of important national issues.

Cinema One Global Cinema One Global is your ticket to a marathon of Pinoy movie blockbusters, award-winners and classics, plus movie reviews and interviews with the stars.

Pinoy Central TV Pinoy Central TV delivers the things you miss from home: regional news, talk shows and soap operas in your native dialect, acclaimed shows on Filipino culture and travel, and coverage of the latest PBA games, NCAA, UAAP, boxing and more.

DWRR 101.9 DWRR 101.9 means music galore, from the classics to current hits.

DZMM Radyo Patrol DWRR 101.9 offers insightful news and commentary from the Philippines' premier AM radio station, anchored by the country's most respected journalists.

DIRECTV Greek Programming

News, Sports, Movies, and More: $14.99/MO.

MEGA Cosmos MEGA Cosmos offers the very best in Greek Language entertainment television. 24-hour news, sports, movies, dramas, game shows and more.


Italian Channels on DIRECTV

CalcioDirect™ Service: $19.99/mo
Italian news and soccer. The new CalcioDirect package features the following channels as well as Sky TG24:

Fox Soccer Channel Fox Soccer Channel offers prime soccer from Italy's Serie A soccer league with clubs like Lazio, Lecce, Treviso, and Cagliari live and exclusive in the US.
GolTV GolTV features over 1,500 soccer matches from around the world, including Inter, AC Milan and Juventus.

Sky TG24: $9.99/mo
Round-the-Clock Italian News Coverage.

Sky TG24 Sky TG24 provides an objective viewpoint on happenings in Italy and around the world. Besides bulletins, there are also in–depth features, reports and debates.

Korean Channels on DIRECTV

KoreanDirect™ II Service: $31.99/mo
Offers five channels of entertainment, news, and information; all the channels of KoreanDirect service plus the following channel:

SBS Plus SBS Plus offers the best of Korean “Halliyu” for a variety of popular classic and current dramas, plus unique features like original programs, special scheduling and movie programs 24 hours a day.

KoreanDirect™ Service: $26.99/mo
Offers four channels of entertainment, news, and information:

MBC MBC is a 24–hour Korean broadcast network offering popular drama, live news, variety shows, children's programs and award–winning documentaries was the most watched channel in 2002 (TNS Korea).

SBS SBS is a 24–hour–a–day Korean TV channel that provides information and entertainment with its unique mix of variety shows, hit dramas and up–to–the–minute news from Korea.

YTN YTN is Korea's first round–the–clock news network with up–to–the–minute news and events coverage in the country and around the world.

MTV K MTV K is the first music and lifestyle channel for young Korean Americans. MTV K delivers the freshest music videos to come from Korea, plus complete coverage of Korean pop culture.


CTS: $4.99/mo
Quality Korean Christian Programming

CTS CTS offers 24 hours of Korean Christian programming, including sermons, testimonies, praise and worship, documentaries and news.


Russian Channels on DIRECTV

RussianDirect™ Service: $29.99/MO.
Includes 4 channels:

C1RW Channel One Russia Worldwide (C1RW)
The most known TV brand in Russian television, Channel One offers a diverse mix of programming including news and documentaries, talk shows, feature film presentations, game shows and sports, plus your favorite hosts.

Channel One is also available as a single channel subscription. See below for details.

Enjoy non-stop movies in Russian. You'll see movie hits of the past and blockbusters of the present, the best TV series and time honored classics and programs about people who make movies. Dom Kino offers viewers a wide variety of film entertainment.

Muzika Pervogo
The first music channel in North America in Russian and Ukrainian. See quality entertainment, music videos, hit parades and much more for the younger Russian and Ukrainian-speaking audiences.

Retro Channel: A TV channel with the unique mix of programs from '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s, Vremya presents your favorite TV hosts of the past, actors, musicians, athletes, scientists and politics of those nostalgic times.


Russian Channels Available a la Carte:

RTR Planeta RTR Planeta: $14.99/mo
With the best of its leading channels "Kultura" and "Rossiya", this channel features cultural programming, news, sports, feature films and documentaries, and delivers them to all Russian-speaking people around the world.

Channel One is available as a single channel subscription for $14.99/mo. or as part of the RussianDirect™ service for $29.99/mo.

The most known TV brand in Russian television, Channel One offers a diverse mix of programming including news and documentaries, talk shows, feature film presentations, game shows and sports, plus your favorite hosts.


South Asian Channels on DIRECTV

DD India DD India is the 24/7 international service of Doordarshan, India's state broadcaster. The channel offers live news, films, music, drama, education, public service, comedy (traditional and contemporary) and variety of regional language programs tailored to serve all ages of the Indian audience living in the United States.

DD India is available free of charge to all DIRECTV customers who subscribe to any of South Asian packages.

HindiDirectII service: $39.99/mo
Features Eight Channels of South Asian Programming, including all the channels of HindiDirect service (channels listed below), plus:

Filmy FILMY is a DIRECTV exclusive and your one-stop spot for everything Bollywood with both traditional and contemporary programming including movies, film news, celebrity gossip, music videos and exciting original content. Filmy can also be purchased a la carte for $19.99/mo.
HindiDirect service: $29.99/mo
Features Seven Channels of Diverse South Asian Programming:

Star One Star One unleashes the next generation of Hindi entertainment with an innovative, diverse mix of programming and cutting edge production values that appeal to urban, upwardly mobile Indian audiences. STAR ONE parades an array of original programs across a range of entertainment genres - action / thrillers, comedy, drama, youth, game / format shows, lifestyle and original movies made for television.

Star Plus Star Plus India's number 1 cable channel for four years, STAR PLUS dominates every entertainment genre and time band across the day. The channel features the top 40 programs on cable in India every week and regularly features 50 out of 50 top shows on cable.

Star News Star News offers viewers 24-hour Hindi news that is relevant to today's Indians. It covers the full spectrum of news ranging from politics to business, investigative reports to consumer issues, crime to the environment. STAR NEWS keep viewers across the globe fully informed and engaged.

MTV Desi MTV Desi is the pop–culture destination for music videos, news and events from a Desi point of view.

NDTV NDTV offers up–to–the–minute news coverage from India's most respected news company.
AASTHA Broadcasting Network: $14.99/mo
Offers the following channel:

AASTHA Broadcasting Network is India's most prominent spiritual network featuring spiritual discourses, socio-spiritual-cultural ceremonies and events, meditation techniques and devotional music. It charts the holy places of pilgrimage, elucidates on traditional festivals and focuses on Indian vedic sciences like ayurveda, yoga, astrology, crystal therapy and aromatherapy. AASTHA broadcasts programming in Hindi, Gujarati and English.


TeluguDirect™ Service: $14.99/mo
Offers the following channel:

ETV Telugu airs general entertainment, including serials, feature films, music programs, children's and educational programming and specials during festivals specific to Andhra Pradesh.


TamilDirect service: $14.99/mo.
Offers the following channel:

VIJAY VIJAY is one of the most popular entertainment channels in India broadcasting in Tamil. VIJAY is tailor-made to cater to the distinctive culture of Tamil Nadu, and features an excellent mix of dramas, soaps, comedy, music, and movies, plus talk shows and debates on topical issues.


GujaratiDirect™ Service: $14.99/mo
Offers the following channel:

ETV Gujarati is a 24/7 channel that airs a wide variety of programming with serials, news, feature films, music programs, children's and educational programming and specials during festivals specific to the region of Gujarat in Western India.


NDTV: $14.99/mo

NDTV offers up–to–the–minute, 24/7 news with unparalleled coverage of the latest in domestic and international news.


BanglaDirect™ Service: $14.99/mo
Offers the following channel:

ETV Bangla is Bengali general entertainment programming with the best serials, news, feature films, music programs, children's and educational programming and specials during festivals specific to this region of West Bengal.




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